Divine devotion is love directed to a divine higher power. In religion, that higher power has many names such as God, the Lord, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Allah, and Elohim.

For people following a spiritual path, that higher power is looked upon in more impersonal terms such as All-That-is, Source, or the Universe.

While developing devotion to God is an integral part of religious worship, people who consider themselves spiritual rather than religious may not think it necessary to cultivate devotion for a particular concept or form of the divine.

The practice of spirituality involves seeking an inner connection to one’s own higher Self and viewing the world from the standpoint of there being One infinite divine power everywhere. Read The ONE thing about being spiritual.

If you are following the path of spirituality, there is great inner transformation awaiting you when you worship and strive to develop devotion towards an expression of the divine that you can relate to at a personal level.

Here are four reasons for developing divine devotion on your spiritual path:

Pink lotus closeup on green background1. Devotion dilutes the ego by cultivating humility

The number one reason to develop divine devotion is to dilute the ego.

The ego is the sense of individuality that exerts its independence and separation from others. It may express an inflated sense of self-importance and superiority. It is the ego that stands between you and the realisation of your essential divine nature.

When you put aside your ego and see yourself as a creature in creation and strive to worship the Creator, it breaks down arrogance and cultivates humility. With humility other noble traits such as compassion, forbearance, love, patience and understanding can grow.

Diluting the ego also brings wisdom, peace and harmony in your life.

woman in yoga cobra pose on the beach2. Devotion develops inner strength

The strength of the ego comes from what it deems to be its own capacities and influence over others. But these things are precarious. An accident or calamity can steal away one’s mental or physical abilities in an instant. Influence over others only remains so long as one has talent, power, fame or wealth. These are fickle, unreliable and temporary.

In trying times, we often lose faith in ourselves and give in to fear. We rely less on our personal insights and more on others’ opinions and outer “experts”.

When you are devoted to the divine, you gain inner strength from the only permanent and true source of power and abundance. Imagine being able to have access to a never-ending supply of resources and support throughout your life, no matter what your circumstances and condition.

This inner connection and love for the divine brings great inner strength. It builds resilience and the ability to face the ups and downs of life with equanimity of mind. Read Act out of faith, not fear.

3. Devotion gives you an altar of dedication for your workwoman with hands in prayer looking upwards in devotion

When you are devoted to the divine, it provides you with an altar of dedication for your work. Having a divine altar at which you can offer your actions inspires and brings out the best in you.

You don’t hanker for personal and specific rewards because you see yourself as an instrument of the divine and offer your actions and the future results to it.

This calms your mind and stops it from wandering which then allows you to place your full attention on the work at hand. Naturally, you become more efficient and increase your chances of success. Your work becomes fulfilling.

On the other hand, having self-centred goals does not bring enduring inspiration. Anxiety, fear, fatigue and boredom repeatedly interrupt your work.

Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are sustained when there is a higher altar at which you can surrender your actions. What’s more, your work becomes worship. Read The secret to finding fulfillment in your work 

Having an altar of dedication brings many inner rewards. As spiritual master, Swami Tejomayananda puts it, An altar in life, alters your life. Read The surest way to a stress-free life.

4. Devotion provides solace and a safe refuge from the storms of the outer world

The world keeps changing, life is precarious, and people can be unreliable or unable to support you. Nothing and no one is permanent and changeless.

In the midst of uncertainty and sorrow, you naturally want something that brings you stability, security, and peace of mind.

The only permanent and unchanging presence is the Creator who created this world and manages it. When you anchor into this larger and more powerful presence, it provides you a place of refuge from the storms of the world. Read How to stay centred, positive and manage anxiety naturally. 

When you are devoted to the divine, you find a place of solace which gives you faith that you are safe and protected. You feel that everything is happening for a higher purpose and there must be some good in all apparently negative circumstances. You know that ultimately, the universe knows what is best for your soul’s evolution.

The divine being all-knowing, all-powerful and compassionate brings you a sense of peace through unexpected solutions. Help certainly comes when you sincerely call out for it. Read Banish doom and gloom and uplift yourself.

Blessings all around

Ultimately, we all want peace, prosperity and happiness in life. The four ways of developing divine devotion bring you all these and more.

The ego is diluted, and you grow and mature spiritually. You gain fortitude and ability to capably withstand the vicissitudes of life. Your daily work is beautifully transformed into worship, and you have a permanent place of solace and refuge.

When you put in efforts to develop devotion, your life truly becomes blessed.

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Manisha Melwani

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