Here are a sample of courses that are repeated regularly. Please Contact Manisha for upcoming dates or to customize a course for your group or organization.


Meditation and Stress Relief Fundamentals

This 4 week course using breathing and relaxation techniques helps you learn how to prepare your mind for meditation through proper breathing techniques.

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Meditation Course – Rising Above Your Thoughts

This 4 week course provides techniques for detaching from your thoughts in mediation. Four areas of focus are: Identifying the Inner witness, Understanding thoughts, Learning how to let go of thoughts, and Affirming your true nature.

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Meditation Course – Learning How to Quiet Your Mind

This 3 week course, will help you with preparation for meditation, provide techniques to maintaining a peaceful focused mind, and sublimating negative and repetitive thoughts. Guided meditation practice is included in each week.

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Managing Modern Stress with Ancient Wisdom

This 4 week course will help you to reduce your daily stress through energy techniques, breathing, chanting and meditation. Each week has a related focus: Stress, Energy & Breathing, Ground your energy and tune into your heart, Relieving Stress Through Sound & Vibration, Daily habits to tune in to your Higher Self.

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