Here are a sample of seminars that are repeated regularly. Please Contact Manisha for upcoming dates or to customize a seminar for your group or organization.

Understanding the Law of Karma

 Do you want to stop feeling like a victim and begin to be the architect of your own destiny? Do we have to suffer the consequences of our past actions or is there any way to mitigate them?

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Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the art of doing the right action with the right attitude.

Learn how you can find fulfillment in your work by not changing what you do but how you do it.

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Karma & Reincarnation

In this 2 1/2 hour presentation, find out the relationship between the Law of Karma and Reincarnation. The Law of Karma states that we will reap the results of our past actions. But what if we run out of time or, circumstances are not right for us to experience the results in this lifetime?

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How To Begin A Daily Meditation Practice

Want to learn how to meditate but don’t know where to start, which technique to follow? Already meditating but unsure what you’re supposed to be doing? In this seminar, you’ll learn fundamentals of meditation from the perspective of the spiritual masters from India.

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So, You’re A Spiritual Being—Now What?

Explore the fundamentals of spirituality and learn how you can start living in alignment with your true spiritual essence. Why is this important? Rediscovering and living the truth of who you really are, is the key to finding lasting peace and happiness in life.

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Too Busy Driving Through Life to Stop and Tune up?

Our modern lives are busier than ever. Driven by our daily responsibilities and preoccupations, we run from one thing to the next, seldom taking time to stop and think about our lives or question our pursuits.

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Manisha Melwani

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