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YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY — A guide to unfolding your divine self presents timeless spiritual wisdom in a simple, modern style.**

The teachings come from Vedanta, the spiritual science of life developed over the centuries by great Himalayan masters.

The content of this book has been divided into two main themes.

Part 1: Understanding The Basics

In Part 1 are fundamental concepts about spirituality such as:

  • What does it means to be spiritual?
  • What is spiritual growth and the spiritual journey?
  • What is the difference between spirituality and religion?
  • Who or what is God?
  • What is Spirit?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Proof that we are spiritual beings.
  • Who am I?
  • What is the soul?

Part 2: The Process of Unfolding

In part 2, there is a description of practices, habits, and lifestyle of a spiritual seeker. The topics include:

  • How and when a spiritual seeker is born.
  • The core practices of a spiritual seeker.
  • How to use your everyday actions to grow spiritually through the Path of Action (Karma Yoga).
  • How to develop your heart through the Path of Devotion (Bhakti Yoga).
  • How to grow in your spiritual understanding of life through the Path knowledge (Jnana Yoga)
  • Meditation
  • Daily habits of a spiritual seeker
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As a spiritual seeker striving to evolve, what are the inner qualities, habits and practices you can cultivate?
**This book was previously published as, “So you’re a spiritual being–now what?”

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Praise for Your Spiritual Journey


“In this motivational and inspiring book, the author Manisha Melwani, lays out a spiritual vision that integrates the physical, emotional and the intellect guiding the reader to meaningful living, self-awareness and greater happiness.”

– Anita Moorjani, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Dying to Be Me and What if this is Heaven


“Manisha has a gift. Utilizing a friendly, conversational style, she has taken complex philosophical concepts from the Vedanta tradition of ancient India and expressed them in a simple and understandable manner for the Western reader.  She has demonstrated that the wisdom that originated thousands of years ago is ageless and universally relevant today, as it was in the past. This book is a must read for any seeker of wisdom.”

– Tony Murdock, M.A., Meditation Instructor, Hindu Religious History and Christian Studies, McMaster University, www.towardstillness.com


“Manisha Melwani does a tremendous job of addressing critical questions that have long overwhelmed seekers in a way the western audience can study and appreciate. How does one grow spiritually? How do we become better people? To whom do we turn to for guidance? Based on the teachings of Swami Chinmayananda, founder of Chinmaya Mission, Melwani’s work is perfect for all seekers on the path of spirituality, no matter their level. Everyone will find much to kindle their thinking in this book.”

– Swami Advaitananda, Chinmaya Mission, Nashik , Maharashtra, India


“Although this book is based upon ancient teachings (Vedanta), it is a very clear and practical guide for living a full life today, or in any age. Manisha is a superb teacher and that is evident throughout this book as it is well written, easy to read and incorporates many every-day examples and analogies, leading the reader gently to its various conclusions.I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to understand spirituality, and achieve purpose and balance in their lives. It provides readers with many easy-to-follow insights, definitions and prescriptions for calming down and enjoying a life of more ease, fulfillment and peace.”

– Peter Dennis, M.B.A., Author, Speaker, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, www.peterhdennis.com


“This book is a wonderful introduction for those curious about the path of spirituality. Even seekers who have started their journey will find many of their questions answered in simple and clear language, with many easily relatable examples from everyday life. Many books have attempted to explain spirituality but inevitably strayed from the teaching tradition. Manisha Melwani’s book “So you are a spiritual being. Now What?” stays true to the timeless wisdom of Vedanta and for that I commend her, because it is presented in such a way that anyone can approach this book and benefit from the universally applicable knowledge.”

– Swami Bodhatmananda, Resident Acharya, Vedanta Course, Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai


“Ms. Melwani has made a great effort to explain several essential concepts from the Vedanta approach to practical philosophy in a modern and easily accessible manner. Whatever one’s age, experience, or background including prior readings might be, a motivated reader of this book is sure to find something of value to living life to its greatest potential.”

– Dr. Ramesh Prasad, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto, PhD in Philosophy, University of Waterloo


“Your Spiritual Journey” is an uncomplicated ‘101 course’ in practical spirituality. It is accessible to any ardent spiritual seeker, exploring any denominational path. It is a treasure-trove of practical pointers that will serve as an exceptional resource. The fluidly articulated, strategic guidelines will surely serve as an easy access to an otherwise quiet challenging (to absorb and digest) subject.”

– Swamini Swaprabhananda, Resident Acharya, Chinmaya Mission –
Kharghar, Navi Mumbai


“A concise guide written with passion for readers, like me, who are fellow spiritual seekers! I gained insight from the intriguing answers that Manisha Melwani provides to pertinent questions she raises that I have raised myself. Manisha shares ancient teachings from masters in India with relatable case scenarios to illustrate the ancient teachings, making this stimulating book an easy read and engaging learning experience regardless of where you are on the spiritual path.”

– Eleanor Silverberg, BA Psych, MSW, 3-A Coping Strategist, Author of Mindfulness Exercises for Dementia


“Manisha takes esoteric spiritual knowledge, and grounds it in every day life. Her book, You’re a spiritual being—now what? reminds us that the main purpose of life, even though we may have forgotten it, is to rediscover our spiritual essence. It gives us a well-designed, practical blueprint on what we must do to get there. This book is on par with many of the great spiritual books that I’ve read. I will definitely be reading it more than once as I continue on my own journey.”

– Vasiliy Solodovnikov – Recovered Drug Addict & Alcoholic, Aspiring Author & Speaker, Devoted Spiritual Seeker


“This book sizzles with life! A must read for any of us, novice or seasoned, who want to embark on a rewarding spiritual journey! Manisha Melwani takes readers on a remarkable odyssey of discovery, humanity, realization, fulfillment, and much more. “…The truth is that real happiness isn’t out there, but in here, within us…” – This book provides a well laid out blueprint to begin, all you need to do is follow along, and make it your own! Read this book, and learn to walk and grow your own enriched, flourishing path.”

– Roger Wheatley, Business Solutions Architect, www.BlogLogistics.com


“Manisha’s book has given me knowledge, practical tips and techniques for my inner journey and taken it to a whole new level. The examples and explanations are a great way to use this book as a manual for expanding my journey to connecting with Spirit. “

– Stephanie Bedford R.N., B.A., BNSc, CNCC(C)

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Manisha Melwani, author of the book Your Spiritual Journey, is passionate about helping people gain a deeper understanding of life, empowering them with the tools to live with greater purpose and fulfillment.

For nearly 20 years her main focus has been the study and sharing of the knowledge of Vedanta which is a spiritual science of life. Vedanta is found in the ancient Veda-s, the origin and sourcebooks of all spiritual teachings from India.

Get your copy of this ground breaking book today, and help enrich your life for “tomorrow”!

Manisha Melwani

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