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Book Your Personal Consultation with Manisha

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Are you frustrated, or confused about some important life decisions regarding your work, your relationships, your emotional well being, or spiritual path?

Are you seeking guidance or support on how you can move forward?

I provide spiritual and wellness solutions for life and stress management.

If you are looking for insights into lingering questions, and a spiritual perspective on your concerns, I invite you to book a personal consultation.

I tap into my intuition and knowledge of the spiritual science of Vedanta to bring you clarity and direction for your life.

The personal consultation sessions are about one hour each and they are done online.

If you would like to book a personal consultation session with me, please fill out the form below…

I’ll be happy to get back to you and book a time at your convenience.

Energy exchange for your personal consultation – you are welcome to give whatever you are comfortable with.

Manisha nails it for you! Manisha’s reading made a significant shift in my life. She brought information to me that I needed to hear so that I could clear up certain “grey” areas in my perception. As a result, I was able to take a step forward with confidence and renewed energy. The insights she is able to access are priceless and I feel enriched and grateful that I could receive the benefits.

Grettal Fryzberg, Vibrational Healer, Medical Intuitive, Craniosacral Therapist.

In only one session Manisha made me feel accepted and validated. She showed understanding and empathy for what I was going through. She approached me with compassion and kindness. She successfully guided me to my goals and had great spiritual insights into my situation. She managed to map my path towards happier me. Many thanks.”

Shani Gubler

Thank you so much for meeting with me today, Manisha. The time spent with you surpassed my expectations. You were warm and caring and understanding of my concerns. I never felt rushed. I feel like a huge load is off my back after speaking with you. I am hopeful and excited to start this new chapter in my life. You have provided me with some homework that I will work on diligently. Thank you for your time, patience , and spiritual guidance. I feel so good knowing that I am not alone and that you are there to guide and help me. I would not have been able to take this first step alone. Thank you.


Manisha came at the right time in my life when I was searching for some answers to some introspective questions in my own self development.She not only explained clearly how to achieve my answers step by step, she also followed up and encouraged me on my journey of inner reflection.I am still a work in progress but with Manisha’s help, I received the right tools I need to keep going and prosper in thought clarity and what I really want to achieve in my life. I thank the Universe in bringing Manisha when I needed some guidance! Thank you Manisha!


I had my first session with Manisha looking for input regarding some changes to my business. I was so impressed with her ability to hone in on my personality, strengths and needs in only a few minutes. She was also able to provide input into the people I am working with as well as their strengths and personality. Within the session, Manisha also provided valuable information about how I can be thankful for the things I have and to ask for what I want and/or need. Thank you Manisha. I will certainly return for more visits.

RS – Med. Rehab. Professional

Manisha reaches deep into your soul and brings out your concerns to the surface where she compassionately nurtures your spirit and gets to the heart of the matter. When you work with her, you will notice the kindness in the tone of her voice. It puts you at ease immediately and you will be able to gain objectivity and clarity regarding your emotional, mental and spiritual state as she guides you with her remarkable insight. I fully trust her capability in always leading me in the right direction.

P. O’Hara

Benefit From a Personal Consultation With Manisha…

Manisha Melwani, author of the book, Your Spiritual Journey,* is passionate about helping people gain a deeper understanding of life, empowering them with the tools to live with greater purpose and fulfillment. For nearly 20 years her main focus has been the study and sharing of the knowledge of Vedanta which is a spiritual science of life. Vedanta is found in the ancient Veda-s, the origin and sourcebooks of all spiritual teachings from India. Request your personal consultation today!
*Previously published under the title, “So You’re A Spiritual Being – Now What?”

Request Your Personal Consultation

We can begin to seek out solutions to the deeper questions and challenges of life when we understand that we are spiritual beings on a purposeful evolutionary journey.
– Manisha Melwani

Manisha Melwani is deeply committed to empowering people with spiritual solutions to overcome their challenges and enable them to lead happier, more fulfilled and purposeful lives.

Manisha’s personal journey as a spiritual seeker began with the untimely death of her father from a heart attack when she was 20 years old. She struggled to makes sense of life and earnestly sought answers through various spiritual paths and teachers.. After twenty years, she finally found her Guru in Swami Chinmayananda, a spiritual master from the illustrious wisdom lineage of great Himalayan masters who teach Vedanta.

Book your personal consultation, above, and reach towards the benefits of spiritual and wellness solutions for your life and stress management.

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Manisha Melwani

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