The word ‘intuition’ comes from the Latin roots tuit and tut which mean ‘to teach’. The prefix, ‘in’ means ‘not’.

So, intuition is knowing something not from any teaching or instruction. You just know something without reasoning, logic or evidence.

Where does this knowing come from? Who is giving us information?

If a person is particularly tuned in to her intuition, we may say she is psychic. The word ‘psychic’ comes from the Greek word psyche, which means ‘the soul’.

Looking at the meanings of the two words, ‘intuition’ and ‘psychic’, we can infer that the knowing comes from the soul.

Which leads to another question—

What is the Soul?

The soul is our non-physical, real identity. It is separate and different from the body and mind.

Another word for soul is Spirit. We are eternal and unlimited divine spiritual beings.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are never away from our true spiritual essence.

However, we have forgotten our spiritual nature and are living as limited, mortal human beings.

We think we are what we look like physically, feel emotionally and think intellectually. These characteristics belong to the body and mind.

Vedanta, the spiritual science of life, explains that the body and mind are actually matter. Yes, even the mind is said to be matter. It is not perceptible by the five senses like the body, but the mind is said to be made up of subtle matter. Matter, whether gross or subtle, is the antithesis of Spirit.

Intuition, Ego and Soul

When we live identified with the human aspects of our personality, having a specific name, form and characteristics, we are said to be functioning as the ego.

The Ego is who we think we are. The Soul is who we really are.

The Ego is nothing but the Soul thinking itself to be the limited and mortal human personality.

The soul communicates with the ego through the subtle language of intuition. Its purpose is to help in the evolution of the ego and the unfoldment of its innate spiritual nature.

The Soul – Ego communication

It is interesting to note that the Latin roots tuit and tut of ‘intuition’, also mean ‘watch, protect and look after’

The soul is a benevolent presence that watches and protects the ego from decisions and actions that are contrary to spiritual truth. It always brings guidance based on the spiritual principle of Oneness.

Intuition is conveyed through physical sensations, ideas that come disguised as our own thoughts, and feelings which we call our gut feelings.

woman-looking-upwards-wonderingSoul or Ego talking?

We are faced with making choices and decisions everyday. How can we differentiate between soul communication and what our ego is saying?

The ego feels separation, limitation, scarcity and fear. So, if you get ideas to do something based on these false notions, know that it’s your ego talking.

For example, it will want you to take actions to overpower, control, cheat or harm others to protect your selfish needs and desires.

Even if the soul tells you it will be okay to give generously, share, allow and forgive others, your ego will immediately cut in and says it can’t because there isn’t enough, or that others will overpower or harm you.

The soul speaks to us in soft, gentle ways. It is never loud or bossy and nor does it force us to follow its guidance.

It never suggests any actions that will bring harm to you or others. Its communication expands your heart and even if you don’t like to hear it, you will know it is the best decision.

So long as the ego is actively functioning and taking control, the soul’s communication fades into the background, just as loud music drowns out your voice at a party.

How to Tap into your Intuition

Think of a time when you suddenly stopped everything you were doing and even held your breath to try to figure out a suspicious sound.

This is what you must do to hear your intuition. Since the soul’s communication is soft and subtle, you have to stop, or at least, slow down what your are doing and tune into your body, emotions and thoughts very carefully.

A quick and easy way to do this at any time of the day is to quietly bring your attention to your breath. This will tune you inwards.

word-saying-time-to-thinkAnother great habit to cultivate is to take some time every day to be by yourself and watch your thoughts. You will gain much insight and guidance from your soul.

The guidance coming through during this quiet tuning-in will color all your activities and interactions and take you to greater fulfillment and peace in your life.

Ultimately, following your intuition will bring you in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

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