It is very likely that you have heard someone being described as a spiritual person. Maybe, that’s even how you think yourself to be. What exactly does it mean to ‘be spiritual’?

Spiritual Being Or Human Being?

Who we really are is pure Spirit untouched and different from the ever-changing and perishable aspects of our human personality – the body, emotions and thinking mind.

The bad news is that you don’t generally identify with the Spirit ‘you’, but rather with with what you look like physically, how you feel emotionally and what you think of intellectually.

In other words, you identify yourself with your human aspects and not your spiritual essence.

The good news is that you’re not alone. This is how we all think and behave when we’re not consciously asserting our spiritual nature.

It’s almost like a default setting in our inner psyche – we naturally fall into human consciousness unless we make an effort to rise above it.

Fundamental Truth about Spirit

To understand how to be spiritual, we have to first understand that we come from one divine Source and are thus intricately connected with each other.

We call Source by various names like Spirit, the Truth, Ultimate Reality or Supreme Self.

What is more important than knowing we all come from one Source is knowing that…

All of creation his nothing but the one Source or Spirit in different forms. 

This is the fundamental Truth of life.

So, to live and ‘be spiritual’ we have to constantly remind ourselves that no matter how separate and different we feel from others, the truth is that we are all One.

What is the mindset of a spiritual being?

A person striving to live as a spiritual being…

  • Lives remembering her essential divinity and the divinity of others
  • Understands that we are not different from each other, but essentially ONE.
  • Lives the golden rule of life

Keeping this vision of Oneness, a spiritual being tries her best to treat others the way she would like to be treated. This is indeed the golden rule for all of us.

This essential Truth is our guiding light in life.

All moral and ethical values such as forgiveness, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience, fairness, non-violence, sharing, caring, and justice flow out of this truth of Oneness.

  • Faith in a higher purpose and meaning to life

A spiritual being observes carefully the harmony, beauty and intelligence of the world we live in. And so, she has complete faith in the innate benevolence of Source that governs the laws of life.

This faith translates as a firm conviction that there is meaning and purpose in all things, beings and circumstances of life that may be far beyond what she can see.

What are the daily habits of a spiritual being?

To be spiritual is to actively seek to grow through spiritual study, self reflection, meditation and implementation of the spiritual ideals into our own lives.

This will make our inner and outer responses to life peaceful, harmonious and loving.

This is in essence, what is means to be spiritual.

To understand more about the mindset and habits of a spiritual person, please read my blog post, What is Spiritual growth and how to achieve it.”

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Manisha Melwani

Manisha Melwani is a teacher and the author of, "Your Spiritual Journey" She offers spiritual and wellness solutions for life and stress management. She teaches classes in personal growth, stress management and meditation. Contact her for more information or to have her speak to your group or organization. She also offers private counseling sessions on-line.
Manisha Melwani

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