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If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of Manisha’s talks, you must seize it!

She is a confident, dynamic speaker who engages her audience with an exciting and interactive presentation style. Manisha expounds age-old ideas in a logical and detailed way, making relevant connections to our often over-loaded and stressfull daily lives.She combines the wisdom of the ages with practical strategies and innovative methods of relaxation and meditation, including simple breathing techniques that can be performed anywhere and anytime. Her talks are well structured. She starts by explaining and defining various ideas and concepts and then proceeds to a practical, hands-on component that actively involves all participants. Finally, Manisha invites everyone to take part in a question and answer session to deepen our understanding and provide us with further insight.

Manisha’s voice, presence and ideas are calming, and contribute towards a powerful and meaningful experience of personal exploration and growth. She is doing beautiful work in the field of self discovery and stress management.

Thank you, Manisha!

Ranu Ramraj, Mississauga, Ontario (High school teacher)

Her energy emits commitment and passion and it is a joy to listen to a speaker who has such focus in her life on both a personal and professional basis.

I recently had Manisha come to speak to a group of caregivers who take care of family members with a brain injury. The title of her talk was “Managing Modern Stress with Ancient Wisdom.” She came to the group organized and prepared, and presented the concepts in a clear and calm way.

I enjoyed her presentation immensely and found it deeply satisfying to be in her presence. Her energy emits commitment and passion and it is a joy to listen to a speaker who has such focus in her life on both a personal and professional basis. I also appreciated her humility and her honesty as she acknowledged her own continued learning, and in so doing, validated for all of us that learning is the journey of the life path we are all on.

Cheryl Moore, MSW, RSW

I really appreciate your organization and clarity of topics while being so present with those of us in attendance.

Thank you, Manisha, for the engaging and enlightening workshop. I really appreciate your organization and clarity of topics while being so present with those of us in attendance. The stories you share are compelling and thought-provoking. I always leave feeling grateful for the shared experience with you. Thanks again!

Joanna Grace, Sound Healing Energy

Manisha shared great examples to clarify difficult concepts – clear easy to understand, perfect illustrations.

I taught for 31 years and am always delighted when I go to a session and the presenter is, a) well organized and, b) an outstanding teacher.

Knight-Educator, Environmentalist

A natural teacher, she illuminates, un-complicates and inspires.

Manisha is an avid and lively speaker on Vedanta, but more than that she breaks all boundaries of race, religion, or sex when she lays out the principles of the age-old spiritual teachings from India. At the end of my first lecture by Manisha I felt uplifted and energized, both by the information and by the personal stories she shared so beautifully. Her challenge to us is one we need to take on: how to live through our spirit in a modern day world. And she is there to give everyone encouragement and support to do just that. As I have gotten to know her over the past three years, I have seen someone who strives to live soulfully, in connection with her heart.

She has empowered me to bring out the best in myself. That’s her gift.

Grettal Gantwerger, Vibrational Healer, Medical Intuitive, Craniosacral Therapist.

“ articulate speaker, an inspiring teacher and a gifted intuitive”

Manisha Melwani is a wise and generous woman. Some of this wisdom comes from her studies of Vedanta, but a large amount of it comes from her highly developed intuition and her ability to read people exceptionally well. I’ve known Manisha as an articulate speaker, an inspiring teacher and a gifted intuitive, and I have no hesitation in recommending her as an effective facilitator of growth and self-development, both for groups and for individuals.

Peter Dennis, B.Comm., B. Ed., M.B.A. Author – Speaker – Certified Consulting Hypnotist – Nordic Pole Walking Instructor

This was one of the most popular health workshops that we have facilitated at the library.

Dear Manisha:

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the informative and practical workshop that you gave at the library on Saturday November 3rd, 2012. “Stress Management: Too Busy Driving Around Life To Stop And Tune Up?” was an intriguing title and 31 people came to hear what you had to say. I could almost feel the tension in the room evaporate as you talked and I witnessed people relaxing in their chairs as the afternoon went on. Your explanation on the effect of stress on our bodies was a great teaching tool. Your passion, enthusiasm and knowledge are obvious. Not only was your talk on how to handle stress and gain control over our busy lives interesting and inspiring, your demonstration of 3 practical techniques on relieving stress for participants to practice at home was very valuable and will help people “stop that bus”.

Manisha, I wanted you to know that I use these 3 exercises on a daily basis and find that they really do help me deal with the pressures and challenges of trying to balance work and family life. You are an excellent speaker and true professional Manisha. We were honoured to have you as a guest speaker and hope that you will come and talk again.

Thank you for giving back to your community.

Joan Girot Health Librarian. Richmond Hill Public Library

“.. tried and tested techniques that leave us thinking why we hadn’t thought of that in the first place.”

Dear Manisha,

Thank you for yet another thought provoking presentation. I’m beginning to notice a trend in your approach and that is to take the audience through a step-by-step process of the chosen subject, giving them realistic tools and demos for everyday use and a recap at the end of the presentation. In this way I find the mind is accepting and securing all that we hear. I remember the Vedanta presentation, where you described the layers surrounding us like layers of an onion, each one is unique and each one effecting the next. This too reminds me of your presentation style, as your story unfolds layer-by-layer you are able to make us look within ourselves, unscramble thoughts, feelings and issues and put back the healed layers one by one. I also love the examples you give along the way, whether they are physical, verbal or poised as a question. I love these for one reason, I related to them! They bring a smile to my face as I sit there thinking “She’s right, I do that, I say that, I ask myself the same thing…” Manisha, it seems you have a mastered an understanding of human nature, your in depth studies prove you have learnt much wisdom. Keep up the goodness of sharing and caring from the heart, it truly is you in a nutshell.

Sat Marway Life2 facilitator

“..this website is yet another testament to the dedication and devotion of Ms Melwani to her students.”

I am a student of Manisha Melwani. I believe this website is yet another testament to the dedication and devotion of Ms Melwani to her students. It is also a reflection of her passionate beliefs which I have had the opportunity to witness over many years. It is uplifting and splendid!

Sheryl Trachter

Manisha Melwani

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