Indian Scenes

Gambling Buddies in Pondicherry.


Typical street scene in South India.


Another street scene in South India.

The fruit and vegetables are mostly organic and delicious!








Indian street scene

Billboards and motorcycles are everywhere!

Poverty in plain sight. Dilapidated huts by the side of a busy main road.

Bullock carts are still common in Thiruvannamalai in the south.

A woman weaving dried leaves into a natural roof for her home. She was happy to smile and pose for me.

Poster in Rameshvaram


Words of wisdom from the late President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam.

Speak five lines to yourself.
1.  I am the best.
2.  I can do it.
3.  God is always with me.
4.  I am a winner.
5.  Today is my day.



Kolam designs made by woman in Pondicherry.

Just after sunrise, I saw this woman making geometrical designs outside her house. These are called “Kolam” It is an art form commonly seen in Indan homes. The designs are auspicious and are believed to bring in good luck and prosperity.

One of the many paddy fields in Tamil Nadu. Rice is a staple for the South Indians




A peacock came to join us for breakfast at our hotel in Madurai. How delightful!



Spectacular sunset at Danushkodi Beach in Rameshvaram.

Manisha Melwani

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