Book Reviews: So You’re a Spiritual Being—Now What?

I loved reading Manisha’s book and indeed can pick it up anytime and reread a chapter in just a few minutes. In fact I do this often! I love the simplicity and modern day examples she uses to explain complex subjects such as the connection between religions and spirituality, the process of meditation, and the fundamentals towards answering the age old question: “Why am I here in this world, and what is my purpose?” No matter what your belief structure might be, there is lots of food for thought.
—Marsha P.

“So You’re a Spiritual Being—Now What?” is well written and easy to understand. It presents a depth of knowledge on the subject of Vedanta and spirituality. It contains many thought- provoking ideas that are useful for everyday life. I highly recommend this book.

Manisha Melwani’s, “So You’re a Spiritual Being—Now What?” is a must read for anyone on the path of spirituality. It is evident from her book that Manisha has a gift of putting complex Vedanta concepts into a friendly, easily understandable manner. She also provides practical guidelines for readers to easily absorb spiritual concepts.”
—Darshana M

Manisha has an ability to easy distil complex concepts for the Western reader. This book is a rare gift for those wishing to achieve calm, balance and ultimate happiness in their lives.
—Debra Flanagan

So, You’re a Spiritual Being—Now What is an amazing read. I am enjoying it. It brings an easy-to-read perspective on spirituality and life.
—Sunita Bhagat

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Manisha Melwani’s conversational writing style along with the excellent content she shares makes “So You’re a Spiritural Being—Now What?” a surprisingly quick, easy, and very interesting read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who thinks they’ve either got life figured out, or to those searching for answers.
—Heather Skoll

I love Manisha’s teachings and thoroughly enjoyed reading her book. So You’re a Spiritual Being—Now What? is filled with a wealth of old and new wisdom helping you gain further clarity on your journey called life. I enjoyed the simple examples given, relating to our modern western life which are very easy to understand. I could easily connect the dots with the traditional wisdom called Vedanta. I am going to read the book again to help me gain more clarity and of course more wisdom! It surely is for readers who are seeking more wisdom in their life!
—Mehrnaz Dehmiri

This book is a must read. To me, it’s wonderfully warm and personalized and reminds us of our “precious opportunity as human life” to achieve the highest fulfillment of bliss, peace and joy through seeking enlightenment in our busy lives. Providing detail of the prominent Vedanta teachings it helps guide us to applying basic practises such as meditation, for example, to help us attain greater self awareness and spiritual growth.
Manisha Melwani is full of wisdom and clarity and a well-studied practitioner and teacher of Vedanta, reflecting decades of learning as student of highly revered, Swami Chinmayananda of India.
—Sharon King-Todd

This is a must book for every person who wants to get a better understanding of what is spirituality about without getting into complex terms. It’s manual for navigating through your life with the tools the Vedanta has to offer combined into our western lifestyle. Thank you Manisha.
— Vladi Gubler

It really is a straightforward guide to understanding ones spiritual journey! The book takes you through understanding spirituality to understanding what to do with it when you do. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on meditation!
—Amazon Customer

If you are looking for an inspiring, easy to understand, practical tips in your spiritual journey, this book is what you need to read.

Manisha Melwani

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