Anandashram Images

 Swami Ramdas, Founder of Anandashram

Here is a life-size image of the founder of Anandashram, Swami Ramdas. At the inauguration of the ashram in 1931, he explains its vision: The ideal which the ashram holds before it is universal love and service, based on the divinity of all beings and creatures of the world. Here, every man, woman or child, to whatever denomination, creed or caste the person may belong, shall have free access. This is a place where every effort will be made to cultivate the spirit of mutual love and service, so that what is realized within its walls may prove as an example of the right conduct of human life in the outside world.

The garden at Anandashram

Spirituality tells us that God and I are one

To love all is true devotion to God and serving all is His worship

The main shrine at Anandashram

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