Summer Spiritual Retreat

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Rest, Reconnect and Rejuvenate

A retreat for your body, mind and soul.

July 28–30, 2023

Ecology Retreat Centre

 Hockley Valley, Ontario, Canada 

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Learn how to incorporate spirituality into your daily life and set up a clear spiritual routine.
Join Manisha Melwani, author of So You’re a Spiritual Being—Now What? for a rejuvenating and transformational retreat this summer.


Are you…

Feeling disconnected from your inner self?

Do you…

Want to jump-start your daily spiritual routine?

Would you…

Like to make new friends and connections to support you on your journey?

How would you like to go on a retreat in a tranquil forest setting?

fresh water stream at Ecology Retreat Centre


A place where there are dancing streams of water so clean and fresh that you can bottle and drink right away?


A place where you can enjoy walking forest trails, dip into a freshwater swimming pond and sit by a campfire on a starry summer evening.





Recharge and reset yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, at this summer weekend retreat in picturesque, Hockley Valley, Ontario, well-known for its tree-covered rolling hills and natural beauty. 

What you will gain from the retreat…

~ Inspiration to walk your spiritual path with renewed
   understanding and purpose through the discussion of the
   concepts presented in Manisha’s book, “So You’re a
   Spiritual Being—Now What?”
, a primer on spirituality.

~ Prioritize your spiritual growth. Stop procrastinating and set
   up a clear daily habits and a spiritual routine.

~ Learn how to quiet your mind and meditate better.

~ Bring spirituality into your everyday life and fulfillment in your work by implementing the
   principles of the Path of Action (Karma Yoga).

~ Get a taste for a holistic lifestyle and go vegan for a weekend. Yes, all the food served will be

~ Nurture happy new friendships with like-minded people.


Learn how you can deal with your everyday problems from a higher spiritual perspective.

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Bollywood dancing at Manisha Melwani's retreat 2022Manisha is a wonderful facilitator who went above and beyond any workshop leader I’ve ever had. She made sure we had time for the teachings, for Qi Gong and yoga, for group sharing, for meditation, for fun activities like Bollywood dancing, and for private time to hike, sleep or read.  Manisha is a very caring and generous person who did her best to ensure we all got the most out of the weekend. —Eva Ticktin, Retreat 2022 Attendee

It was wonderful to be with an amazing group who were like minded, supportive and understanding of each other’s journey on the spiritual path.  This experience was definitely a highlight of my summer.
—Pauline Ong, Retreat 2022 Attendee
Veggie vegan soup at Manisha Melwani's retreat 2022 at the Ecology Retreat Centre in Hockley Valley, Ontario


At this year’s retreat, participants will be served gourmet vegan meals made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients that feed the body and the soul.





So you’re a spiritual being—now what?

Come to this retreat and discover how to advance yourself spiritually.

About Manisha Melwani, Retreat Leader and Facilitator

Photo of Manisha MelwaniManisha has been actively studying and sharing the teachings of the spiritual science of Vedanta for more than 20 years. She is the author of So You’re a Spiritual Being—Now What?”, A Straightforward Guide to Understanding and Growing in your Spiritual Journey.

She runs seminars, workshops and courses on spirituality and stress management. She lead her first retreat in 2022 and is happy to run it again in 2023. She has been successfully facilitating weekly Vedanta study groups since 2011. She also offers personal counselling sessions for people seeking spiritual solutions for their problems with relationships, life purpose and spiritual path.

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